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FAQ About Downloadable Media

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Why are there waiting lists if it's electronic?

Publishers still sell copies of books one by one and these purchased titles must be shared with the entire Green Mountain Library Consortium through ListenUp! Vermont.  So, popular titles will still have waiting lists at libraries. Tip: When using ListenUp! (OverDrive), always sign in before searching. This will give you access to books Grafton Public Library buys exclusively for its own patrons. Note—exclusive titles are coming to Grafton, but are not yet available. At the current time we share all titles with the Green Mountain Library Consortium. Want to help?  We are fundraising to purchase this advantage program and you can make a contribution.

Do these titles include everything on your shelves?

No, the collection of e-books and audio-books may overlap the print books available at Grafton Public Library, but we have access to many more books in print on our shelves than we do electronically, at this time.

Do the titles appear in your online catalog?

Not at this time. To find our e-books and e-audio, search the ListenUp! Vermont site.

May a patron suggest that you buy a new title as an e-book or e-audio?

You can make purchasing suggestions for new downloadable titles just as you would for traditional paper titles. Contact the library to do so.

Why do I see "Buy It Now" buttons? 

It's part of the deal between publishers and libraries: publishers seek the opportunity to sell extra copies of popular items to library patrons who want to skip over the waiting list. If you must read the next installment of your favorite series right now and decide you want to buy a personal e-copy, this link is a convenient way to do that.