FAQS About Gingerbread House Extravaganza 2019

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Dear Gingerbread House Maker,


Thank you for your interest! Whether you are a professional baker or love a fun project, we are excited to display your creation.


Gingerbread House Information

Gingerbread House Information

Is there a fee for entering a house?


Will my house be judged?


What are the guidelines for creating my house?

We ask that your creation be made (mostly) out of edible materials, but that you do not use gelatin, as it can create mold. Be sure to mount your house on a sturdy base that does not excessively exceed the footprint of your creation.

When do I drop off my house?

We will be open for drop off at the following times:  Saturday, November 30, 9-12pm,  Sunday, December 1, 3-5pm, Monday, December 2, 10-1pm and 2-5pm or contact the library to arrange an approved time.  Please note late submissions after the extravaganza begins on December 4 will not be accepted without prior approval.

What do I do when I drop off my house?

We will ask you to fill out another very short form so each house can be properly identified. We will want to know the names of bakers, if you are connected to a business, if you have a name for your house, whether all materials are edible and whether or not you will be picking it up after the Extravaganza.

Can I pick up my house after the Extravaganza?

Yes! You may pick up your house at the end of the Extravaganza OR have it be part of a silent auction for a lucky winner to take home. Indicate your preference on the submission form and/or when your drop off your house.

When do I pick up my loaned house?

We will be open for pick up on the following dates: Saturday, December 7, 4pm-5pm, Sunday, December 8, 3-5pm, Monday, December 9, 10-1pm and 2-5pm or or contact the library to arrange an approved time. Please note that Monday, December 9, is the last day to pick up your house without prior approval.