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Mothers, Daughters, Fathers, Sons

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Dewey Number


Fathers and Sons

Richissin, Todd

306.8 RIC

Photos and profiles about fathers and sons.

In the Darkroom

Faludi, Susan

306.88 FAL

Author Susan Faludi chases the story of her absentee father to discover an explosive secret in this memoir.

Manhood for Amateurs

Chabon, Michael

92 CHA

Chabon reflects on what it means to be both a son and a father in a memoir both moving and funny.


Simon, Scott

92 SIM


NPR’s Scott Simon pens a poignant memoir of his life and last days with his unforgettable mom.

Not Becoming My Mother

Reichl, Ruth

92 REI

A work of love and generosity, Reichl discovers a mother she thought she already knew through her mom’s letters and diaries.

Traveling with Pomegranates

Kidd, Sue Monk and Add Kidd

92 KID

Mother and daughter pen a memoir of their travels together from the perspective of a 50 something and a 20 something.

The Liar’s Club

Karr, Mary

92 KAR

Karr’s relationship with her parents is both beautiful and awful in this spectacular memoir.


Hodgman, George

92 HOD

A gay man and his 91 year old mother who has never fully accepted his status share living quarters when she needs assistance to live in her home.

The Glass Castle

Walls, Jeannette

92 WAL

“Walls has carved a story with precision and grace out of one of the most chaotic, heartbreaking childhoods.


Small, David

92 SMA

Small, an illustrator, pens an ultimately uplifting graphic novel about his childhood cancer and his parents reaction to it.

The Road From Coorain

Conway, Jill Ker

305.4 CON

A journey into adulthood by Aussie author Conway that details her pioneering parents and the aftermath of her father’s death.

The Reading Promise

Ozma, Alice

028.9 OZM

A father and daughter make a promise to read aloud together

Hands of My Father

Uhlberg, Myron

306.87 UHL

A memoir of a hearing son and his deaf parents—the first sign he learned was “I love you”.

Crazy for the Storm

Ollestad, Norman

979.405 OLL

A survival story from the author— whose airplane crashed in the mountains with he and his father  both on board.

Big Russ and Me

Russert, Tim

92 RUS

Journalist writes of his father and growing up in 1950s Buffalo.


Lockwood, Patricia

92 LOC

The author’s father is a married Catholic priest and an iconoclastic individual. A knockout memoir from a very original voice.

Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother

Chaua, Amy

92 CHU

“Tiger Mother” became a well-known term after this story of parenting was published.

You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me

Alexie, Sherman

92 ALE

The author’s bond with his mother is more complex than most. A searing, moving memoir.


Donoghue, Emma


Told from the view of a five year old, a mother and son share the room that is their prison.

The Road

McCarthy, Cormac


A father and son, “each the other’s entire world”     

White Oleander

Fitch, Janet



An unforgettable story of a complicated mother/daughter relationship and a daughter left behind after her mother is sentenced to life in prison.

The Son

Meyer, Philipp


The story of a Texas dynasty that begins in mid-1800s with a father and son.


Brooks, Geraldine


Brooks takes the character of the absent father in Little Women and weaves a tale that won her the Pulitzer.


Austen, Jane


Emma and her father Mr. Woodhouse are timeless characters from this well-known classic.

The Poisonwood Bible

Kingsolver, Barbara


A Baptist father takes his wife and 4 young daughters on mission with him to the Belgian Congo in 1959.

Little Women

Alcott, Louisa May


Marmee and her daughters.