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“We’ll Never Be Royals…Books About Those Who Rule

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Dewey Number


Napoleon Bonaparte

Schom, Alan

92 NAP

A comprehensive biography of Bonaparte.


Schiff, Stacy

92 CLE

A biography of the last queen of Egypt by a Pulitzer Prize winning author.

The Diana Chronicles

Tina Brown

92 DIA

I’m not sure if you could call Tina Brown’s book a biography of Princess Di, but promises to be interesting.

Catherine the Great

Massie, Robert K.

92 CAT

A narrative biography of a remarkable ruler.

The Last Princess

Dennison, Matthew

92 BEA

A colorful peephole into Victorian times.

Victoria: The Queen

Julia Baird

92 VIC

Have you been watching the shows? Learn more by reading the biography.

Ma’am Darling

Craig Brown

92 MAR

Princess Margaret made headlines frequently in her day. Learn why.

The Duchess of Windsor

Higham, Charles

92 WIN

The biography of the woman for whom the Prince of Wales relinquished the throne of England.

Queen Noor

Queen Noor

92 NOR

Tale of an American woman who marries King Hussein of Jordan.

Marie Antoinette

Antonia Fraser

92 MAR

We still speak of her. Who was she, really?

Queen Isabella

Alison Weir

92 ISA

The biography of the “She-Wolf of France”.  Was she? Why or why not?

Mary Queen of Scots

Antonia Fraser

92 MAR

Another name shrouded in legend. What do you know about her?


Goodwin, Daisy


Want to learn more about Victoria but don’t want to read the biography? Give this fictional account a try.

The Uncommon Reader

Bennett, Alan


A lovely story by Bennett about corgis, reading and the Queen. You know which one.

The Enchantress of Florence

Rushdie, Salman


Rushdie goes to the court of the Emperor Akbar, lord of the Mughal empire for this tale—set also in the High Renaissance of Florence where Machiavelli takes a starring role.

The White Princess

Gregory, Philippa


Henry Tudor and Elizabeth of York.

The White Queen

Gregory, Philippa


Brother turns on brother in the war of the Plantagenets.

Three Sisters, Three Queens

Gregory, Philippa


Three sisters become three queens of England, Scotland and France. Can you name them?