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Faith and Inspiration: Books About Religion and Spirituality

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Dewey Number


Amazing Grace

Norris, Kathleen

230 NOR

A woman’s journey toward conversion, as she learns to integrate ancient traditions in a way that is comfortable to her.

Following the Path

Chittister, Joan

248.4 CHI

Sister Joan examines the question “What am I supposed to do with my life?”

Sorrow Mountain

Pachen, Ani

92 PAC

A biography of a Tibetan Warrior nun.

Seeking Peace: Chronicles of the Worst Buddhist in the World

Piper, Mary

92 PIP

The author learns to find a way of life that is better suited to her in a candid biography.


Rodriguez, Richard

92 ROD

Wide ranging essays exploring desert religions from a Roman Catholic gay man, struggling to make sense after 9/11.

Running to the Mountain

Katz, Jon

92 KAT

The author retreats to a cabin in the Adirondacks and reads Thomas Merton.

Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith

Lamott, Anne

92 LAM

Lamott’s spiritual take on many subjects.

Almost Everything

Lamott, Anne

170.44 LAM

Anne Lamott’s most recent book focuses on hope.

21 Lessons for the 21st Century

Harari, Yuval Noah


More a values and meaning book than one about spirituality—but the themes are close.

Beginner’s Grace

Braestrup, Kate

248.32 BRA

The author explores the many ways to pray—even for the nonreligious.


Kidd, Sue Monk

242 KID

The author as a seeker.

Killing Jesus

O’Reilly Bill


Biblical history from Bill O’Reilly.


Lamott, Anne

204.4 LAM

 A slim volume from Lamott about repair after life’s devastations.

The Case for God

Armstrong, Karen

211 ARM

The author makes a case for drawing on the insights of the past in order to build a faith that speaks to the needs of our age.

God Is Not Great

Hitchens, Christopher

200 HIT

The author makes a case against faith and religion.

Becoming Wise

Tippett, Krista

170.44 TIP

The author shares her vision of spiritual growth through the wisdom gathered in her ongoing conversations with people on her radio show, On Being.

Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life

Armstrong, Karen

177.7 ARM

Armstrong is back with a roadmap for living a better life.

The Choice

Eger, Edith Eva

158.1 EGE

A Holocaust survivor pens a memoir of inspiration and resilience.

The Art of Happiness in a Troubled World

Dalai Lama

294.344 DAL

The Dalai Lama explains how to achieve peace of mind.

The New American Spirituality

Lesser, Elizabeth

291.4 LES

Lesser (whose parents lived in Grafton) synthesizes the lessons she has learned from different belief systems.

The Four Seasons Of Shaker Life

Wertkin, Gerard

289.8 WER

A portrait of the Shaker community at Sabbathday Lake, Maine.

Practicing Catholic

Carroll, James

282.092 CAR

Author shows how Roman Catholic struggles illuminate spiritual quests in all faiths.

The Templars

Jones, Dan

271.791 JON

The history of a group of Christian holy warriors.

The Force of Christendom

Holland, Tom

270.2 HOL

The end of days and the epic rise of the West.

Aging as a Spiritual Practice

Lewis, Richmond

294.344 RIC

A contemplative guide to growing older and wiser.