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Dewey Number


Destiny and Power

Meacham, Jon

973.92 MEA

A revealing biography that should serve as the starting point for future evaluations of the 41st president.

Abigail Adams

Holton, Woody

92 ADA

The “saucy” lady gets a generous treatment in this entertaining gambol through the Founding era.

The Residence

Brower, Kate Anderson

975.3 BRO

Anecdotes both touching and hilarious about living and working in the White House, “the country’s most potent and enduring symbol of the presidency.”

The Hemingses of Monticello

Gordon-Reed, Annette

920 GOR

The unusual history of an enslaved family whose destiny was shaped over the course of four decades by Thomas Jefferson.


King, Stephen


King’s vision of one outcome of the Kennedy assassination plot reminds us of what might have been—that is, almost certainly a better present than the one in which we’re all actually living. “If you want to know what political extremism can lead to,” warns King in an afterword, “look at the Zapruder film.”

American Wife

Sittenfeld, Curtis


An elementary-school librarian marries the least promising son of an old-moneyed, intensely competitive Republican family and sticks by him as he rises from hard-drinking fool to unpopular U.S. President in this roman à clef from Sittenfeld

Lincoln in the Bardo

Saunders, George


With this book, Saunders asserts a complex and disturbing vision in which society and cosmos blur.

President Kennnedy: Profile of Power

Reeves, Richard

92 KEN

Behind the scenes in the Kennedy Administration--in well- documented, unusually revealing depth.

The President’s Club

Gibbs, Nancy

973.92 GIB

In a well-researched, disinterested analysis, the authors show that collisions of ego, personality and politics can often result in creation, not destruction.

The Invisible Bridge

Perlstein, Rick

973.92 PER

How Ronald Reagan lost the presidency and won the heart of America.

The Dark Side of Camelot

Hersh, Seymour


Marilyn Monroe alone escapes untarnished from this file cabinet of a book,

Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power

Meacham, Jon

92 JEF

An outstanding biography that reveals an overlooked steeliness at Jefferson’s core that accounts for so much of his political success.

The Quartet

Ellis, Joseph

342.73 ELL

A brilliant account of six years during which four Founding Fathers, “in disregard of public opinion, carried the American story in a new direction.”

My Life

Clinton, Bill

92 CLI

It may have been called a 'diary dump' but Bill Clinton's My Life is still riveting.


Morris, Edmund

92 REA

This book, the only biography ever authorized by a sitting President--yet written with complete interpretive freedom--is as revolutionary in method as it is formidable in scholarship.

Alexander Hamilton

Chernow, Ron

92 HAM

A splendid life of an enlightened reactionary and forgotten Founding Father.


Chernow, Ron

92 GRA

At nearly 1,000 pages, Chernow delivers a deeply researched, everything-you-ever-wanted-to-know biography, but few readers will regret the experience.

Theodore Rex

Morris, Edmund

92 ROO

Morris celebrates his tenure in the Oval Office, lauding him as the most popular and energetic chief executive of the early modern era.

Barack Obama

Maraniss, David

92 OBA

Maraniss painstakingly constructs a sensible, solid grounding beneath the mythology of the current president.

First Family

Ellis, Joseph

920 ELL

The Pulitzer Prize– and National Book Award–winning author presents a vivid and insightful portrait of John and Abigail Adams.

What Happened

Mcclellan, Scott

973.931 MCC

Account of Bush presidency by an advisor who served for 7 years.

The Age of Jackson

Schlesinger, Arthur

973.5 SCH

A thoughtful and scholarly book, substantially documented, but not for popular reading.

Hidden Power

Marton, Kati

973.09 MAR

An engrossing look at twelve presidential marriages–from Edith and Woodrow Wilson to Laura and George W. Bush–that have profoundly affected America’s history.

Most Blessed of the Patriarchs

Gordon-Reed, Annette

973.46 GOR

An elegant, astute study that is both readable and thematically rich.

The Defining Moment

Alter, Jonathan

973.917 ALT

The birth of the New Deal, capably recounted.

The Bully Pulpit

Goodwin, Doris Kearns

973.911 GOO

It’s no small achievement to have something new to say on Teddy Roosevelt’s presidency, but Goodwin succeeds admirably. A notable, psychologically charged study in leadership.