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Grafton Public Library Board of Trustees Virtual Meeting

April 22, 2021

Present: MaryBeth Culver, Jay Maciejowski, Dave Whittall, Michelle Dufort and Sue Allen

  1. Minutes accepted and approved.
  2. Treasurer’s report:

Sue and Michelle will be meeting with our TIAA team in May to go over our endowment fund. One topic to discuss is fees – why is our fee rising disproportionately to the endowment growth? Michelle predicts we will run slightly over budget on inter-library loans because new residents use the loan program more often. This is not a problem, however.

  1. Old Business:

The carpeting work is underway and will be inspected by Jay/Michelle on Monday.

The arborist will start work on the old maple on Monday. Jay will try to be there. They will be cabling and pruning the dead wood. Michelle wants to use the old sandwich board to protect the handicapped access sign by the ramp.

New trees: They are picking a tree from Allen Brothers and will plant it themselves.

Electrician: The electrician suggests more modern lighting in the library. He will make sure we don’t need any special state approval, given that we are a public building (Michelle believes we do not, so this shouldn’t be a problem). We might get a rebate from Efficiency Vermont. Paul, the electrician, will get us an estimate on this project.

  1. Covid Review:

See Michelle’s librarian report. The board agreed to follow state recommendations to discontinue contact tracing, stop book quarantining and disinfection, go back to our regular cleaning schedule, and discontinue appointments. We will continue curb-side pick up.

In addition, we agreed that no volunteers will staff the front desk at this time, and there will be no indoor programming now.

  1. Building and Grounds:

Jay will wait for warmer weather to look at the underside of the porch to see what work is required.

We are looking for grant opportunities to construct a roof over the handicapped ramp; might be able to link the porch work to that, although perhaps not. These projects can also be pulled from the bond fund, which is earmarked for capital projects.

Michelle will check with Windham Foundation to confirm they plan to mow for us again this year.

  1. Other:

Board agreed to pay $100 to the GPA for their pro-Grafton web site.

David will continue to take the library trash to the dump. He will let Sue know if there’s a problem, and she will do it (including the week of April 26).

  1. Next Meeting: May 27 at 6 p.m. at the Library.
  2. Adjourn at 6:53 p.m.