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Grafton Public Library

Minutes of virtual Board Meeting on Zoom

 April 23, 2020


Present:Jay Macejowski, David Whittall, Lucia Corwin, Michelle Dufort, Mary Beth Culver, Sue Allen 

Call to Order at 6:30

 Public Comment Ė none

 Minutes:Approved minutes of March 27, 2020. 

Treasurerís Report

∑     Sue Allen reviewed a report of the history of the TIAA main trust quarterly balance from 2007 to date that Michelle had generated using the library Quickbook data. Itís important to note that the main fund dropped from over $800,000 in 2007 to $500,000 in 2008 and then recovered to the 2007 level over the years. This puts the current losses into a historical perspective.

∑      The April financial report shows greater expenses than income, but we havenít transferred all available income from the investment accounts yet.

∑      Furnace repair was over $400 but we have $90 worth of points to apply to bill.

Librarianís Report

∑      Michelle reports positive feedback from having the Nature Museum book club virtually.   For the next book, The Hidden Life of Trees, the library has enough copies to lend. After that discussion, participants will be to purchase the book as there is not sufficient funding to continue book purchase for this program.

∑      The Zoom meetings for the Spanish classes have been very successful.

∑      Thanks to Dick Warren, the Trivia game goes out to an email list of participants.  Perhaps the questions have been too difficult.

∑      Michelle requested the first week in May as a well-deserved vacation week.  The library will be closed from May 4th-9th.

∑      Michelle has not been collecting books for the sales room unless they are very new and in excellent condition.

Old Business Ė none

New Business

∑      The need for our policies to be reviewed was discussed.  Michelle will make copies of the current policies for the board to review.  In particular, we need to look at the librarianís job description and the librarianís evaluation form.  Michelle will review the existing job description and evaluation and suggest additions/deletions. The board will look at personal, safety, internet use, gifts, and by-laws among other concerns.

∑      The need to recognize our valuable volunteers was discussed.  Due the Corona Virus it is impossible to schedule the usual Brunch.  Michelle will look into a special card, bookmark, and a promise of a Brunch in the future.

∑      Our fundraising will be impacted because of the economy, so several ideas for this year were discussed.  Meeting with select donors, online silent auction, grants, or combining with other town organizations were suggested as possibilities.

∑      Michelle will look into WordPress and using PayPal on an updated website in the coming weeks.

 Adjourned at 6:55

Next Meeting:Virtual, May 28, 2020 6:00