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Grafton Public Library Board

Minutes Ė April 25, 2019


Present: Patrick Spurlock, Lucia Corwin, David Whittall, Deborah Toomey, Librarian, Michelle Dufort


Meeting called to order at 6:40pm


Minutes of 3/7/19 a pproved


Librarianís Report

         Reviewed written report

         Building & Grounds: Michelle reported that basement stairs and railing are now installed, fire extinguishers are up to code, furnace has been cleaned and is in good operation and a new contractor finished up with end of the season snow removal. Paperwork is needed from contractor before work starts up again in the fall. Sarah Yarosevich will continue with garden work for the spring and fall. Ray Lisai will again paint front porch, handicapped ramp and railings.

         Board Resources:Michelle distributed the draft Trustee Calendar.It lists the key finance and governance due dates. She also distributed a draft building maintenance schedule and a contact/info. sheet for TIAA. Hard copies of these documents have been put in binders near the trustee mailboxes.

         Grants: We are now using the town Dunnsí number for grants as well as the town EIN number. Michelle has been in contact with Bill Kearns about a policy for grant administration and has suggested a MOU with the town to use as the framework for a simplified process to administer the small grants the library applies for annually.

         Pat Mack will be filling in for Michelle per diem for vacation. Town clerk Kim Record has asked that Pat fill out paperwork to become an employee for this purpose alone. Michelle has contacted Pat to fill out paperwork.


Treasurerís Report


         Reviewed written report.

         Patrick reported that we are on track with budget.








New Business

         Volunteer Appreciation Brunch has been scheduled for June 23rd at 11:30am. Trustees should check schedules to make sure they can participate.

         Labor Day Book Sale:Deborah submitted a letter to the Grafton News for May, notifying the public that the annual book sale has been cancelled.

         Book Sale Room. Lucia wants to expand the book sale room into the upstairs program room to see if it would increase sales. Michelle expressed concerns about available shelf space, the collection stored upstairs and mixed use of the room, but agreed to give it a try. Lucia will take measurements and ask the Buddhists to move their belongings.

         We will need to make up approximately $1,700 in the budget to replace the income from the annual book sale. Potential fundraising ideas discussed included a Literary Trivia Night at the library, gingerbread Houses during Christmas in Grafton, Cars and Coffee at the library, possible sale of books on-line (Paypal account?) and play reading. While the idea wasnít totally dismissed, it was determined that having afundraiser (that didnít involve hauling books) on the same day as the Historical Societyís Labor Day fundraiser, to help increase traffic in town but NOT compete with the HSís event, is challenging and we are stymied for ideas. The consensus is that our fundraiser(s) are most likely going to have to be on a different date.


Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.


Next meeting:The fourth Thursday of the month Ė May 23rd at 6:30

Respectfully Submitted,



Michelle Dufort, Librarian