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Grafton Public Library Board of Trustees Meeting

Monday, April 3, 2023

On Zoom

Present Virtual – Michelle Dufort, Jay Maciejowski, Mary Beth Culver, John Saroff, and Kathleen Pajcic



Call to order:  10:00 am


Public Comment:  none


Minutes of last meeting:  Approved


Treasurer’s Report: 

Kathleen will transfer $10K from the main trust in the next week, as no transfers have been made to date in this FY.  Michelle will send Kathleen necessary details for contacting TIAA about both the transfers and the management of the short-term bond fund, now that Gauthier has left the company. We will eventually need to transfer funds from short-term bond fund to cover interior painting expenses, but it is not necessary to do so at this time. 

Librarian’s Report:  Michelle focused her report on building and grounds issues. Steven Nolan will be repairing the damage to the handicapped ramp railings and Ray Lisai removed tree limb debris. Michelle will purchase batteries and Jay will replace in smoke detectors. Michelle will ask Ray Lisai to stain the picnic table. Discussion about attic clearing out needed before insulation work:  We will move old books from attic to upstairs programming room and box them. Michelle will contact a book seller to see if there is any interest in the books. Then the books will be placed on display under a pop-up tent outside for public access and distribution before final removal from the library. Michelle will look into the cost of a dumpster and large recycling bin for removal of unwanted items in attic. Jay will reach out to his contact in Springfield who sells items on Ebay to see if he wants any items before we discard.

Any remaining items that we want to keep and/or need to be stored in the attic will be moved temporarily to the upstairs program room until the insulation work is completed.


Old Business:  Kathleen will send electrician’s information to Michelle and then Michelle will set up site visit. Michelle will contact Jake, who conducted the energy audit, to set up a meeting with Jay, Kathleen and Michelle to research and compare the bids received from insulation companies. Michelle will contact Vermont Foam with a few questions generated from examination of their bid.


New Business:

A special meeting date has been set for Monday April 17th at 10am to go over bids with additional information from Jake (energy auditor) and to vote to contract with a company.

Michelle will email the library director performance evaluation form to trustees. Trustees will fill out evaluations and mail to Mary Beth by April 17th. MB will compile the results and the board will use this make salary recommendations and review the evaluation with the library at the regularly scheduled board meeting on April 24.

The board reorganized for the new term as follows: Mary Beth Culver—chair, Kathleen Pajcic—treasurer, Lucia Corwin—secretary.  All in favor.


Next meeting:  April 24, 2023 at 10:00 am


Adjournment:  11:10 am