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Grafton Public Library Board of Trustees In Person and Virtual Meeting

Minutes of August 26, 2021

 Present: Michelle Dufort, MaryBeth Culver, Lucia Corwin (by Zoom), Sue Allen (by Zoom), Jay Maciejowski, David Whitall

 Call to Order:  6:03 pm

 Public Comment:  none

 Approve minutes of last meeting:  approved minutes from two last meetings

 Treasurer’s Report:   

All financial reports are up to date and materials for the state auditor for FY21 are nearly complete.  The library’s financial report for the Town Report will be done before the Nov. 19th deadline. Sue Allen volunteered to draft the Narrative Report for the town. Michelle will send her updated data.  Michelle applied for received, and spent the Summer Performer Grant in a co-sponsored program with the Grafton Summer School Program.  The ARPA grant was approved, so we will receive $2,000 in October.  We were awarded money from the Grafton Fund to purchase an Owl Camera for hybrid meetings.

 Librarian’s Report:

Michelle’s work with the Grafton Elementary School Summer Program was highly successful.  The Page Turner’s Book Group is cancelled for August, but Michelle is preparing a book list for September.  Michelle is attending the opening of the Birchdale Camp as a representative from the Library and a former member of the team that helped to organize the Turner Family Interpretive Center.  The celebration in on August 28th.


Old Business: 

Buildings & Grounds – The door knob has been repaired.  The lights in the main rooms and the bathroom will be replaced, with proper permitting procedures followed. In the future, proper permitting procedures will be included as part of the bidding process.  Jay will look under the front porch once the garden has died down and he can get under it, in preparation for starting the porch renovation bidding process.   Mary Beth suggested we combine the roof over the handicapped ramp with the porch renovation, but Jay felt the two projects were too different in nature to be combined.

 The Historical Society’s Tractor Show is still scheduled to take place Labor Day weekend.  Michelle suggested a few simple edits to the Building  and Grounds use form for  next year that will help with communication and scheduling—such as inclusion of a form due date and determination of board approval of any sales/solicitations during a non-library program. She will have suggested edits available for review by next meeting.

 Due to the spread of the Delta variance, it was decided to return to wearing masks in the Library.  As always, we will adjust according to CDC and local guidelines.

 New Business:

Salaries will be discussed in an executive meeting at the September 23rd Board meeting, instead of at the August meeting, and the adoption of the FY22 budget was postponed until the September board meeting.

Mary Beth asked that trustees complete and submit a performance evaluation for the library director by September 20, before the next board meeting. She will distribute the library director’s job description and the evaluation forms.

It is time for the annual appeal letter to go out.  Mary Beth will submit a rough draft for approval by the September meeting.


Adjournment:  7:02pm.


Next meeting will be on September 23rd  at 6:00 pm.