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Grafton Public Library Trustees Meeting Minutes

August 27, 2020



Board members present in person: MaryBeth Culver, Jay Macejowski, Sue Allen, librarian Michelle Dufort.

         Available by Zoom, Lucia Corwin

Call to order at 6:00 pm


There were no public comments


The minutes of last meeting were tabled to next time.


Treasurer’s Report:

Sue Allen reported that all bills are paid and that we have $2,500 available for expenses.  Michelle has finished all the FY20 filing and the FY21 budget.  The budget for FY21 was approved by the board.  Michelle will submit the FY20 documents to the state auditors and work on the financial statement for the Town Report.


Librarian’s Report:

The weekly Spanish group is going strong.  The Nature and Books Sumer Series with the Nature Museum finished up in August and has plans to continue the series into the fall. 


Michelle will be in contact with the Grafton Elementary School to see how the Library can lend any needed support.  The Monthly Lunch Box group will meet on the library lawn before the weather gets too cold.  Masks and social distancing will be required. 


The phased re-opening plans are continuing to be very successful.  Pat Mack and David Ross are coming in to work.  Angel continues to do her assigned work at home and is now coming into work to clean during off-hours.


New Business:

Jay has contacted a carpet contractor who will drop off samples on Wednesday for our perusal.  Lucia will call two more contractor’s by Wednesday, September 2. 


MaryBeth and Lucia will draft an Appeal’s letter before the next meeting where we will formulate the final version with the goal being to send the letter out as soon as possible.


The board went into executive session to discuss their individual evaluation of Michelle’s performance using MaryBeth’s new streamlined form.  The unanimous results were that Michelle’s performance has been stellar.  Her scores were consistently high in each category.  Some of the comments were that her knowledge of our town’s reading preferences and ability to match reading material to individuals was amazing.  Her courtesy and welcoming presence make the library a place people loved to visit.  Her ability to keep us on budget, her ability to stay on top of all aspects of the library’s operations and her experience are second to none. 


The board came out of executive session to meet in person with Michelle to go over the results of her evaluation and present her raise. 


The Board unanimously voted to increase Michelle’s salary by 4% and Angel’s by 3%.



 Old Business:

The gathering of quotes for the rug is the highest priority in the coming week.


The appeal’s letter will be presented at the next meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 7:35 pm.  Next meeting is scheduled on September 24th.