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Grafton Public Library Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda

Monday, August 28, 2023, 10:00am

Hybrid Format


Attendance: Mary Beth Culver, Lucia Corwin, Kathleen Pajcic, John Saroff, Michelle Dufort

1. Call to order: 10:10

2. Public Comment

3. Approve minutes of last meeting:

1. Treasurerís Report

2. Librarianís Report: The State Audit has been completed. Work on Town Report has begun. We need to make plans for the Gingerbread House Extravaganza. Several people have volunteered to help, including trustees. In-house library programs are on hold for the time being.

6. Old Business: We continue to look for an electrician.

7. New Business: The assessment of the building was done by Chris West of Eco Houses ofVermont. Briefly, the report was very complete and the trustees felt the cost was well worth it. Chris was not in favor of foam in the attic, but felt that the work in the basement was fine except for a couple of missed areas. Insulating the basement has resulted in a 40% improvement in our blower door test. The attics are in good shape, however, the roof on the addition needs to be replaced. We need to insulate around the door to the computer and the fire escape door.

We now receive $7,500 from the town in tax support from the town. This year we will be asking for an addition of $1,000.

The Annual Appeal letter should be done by mid-October.

8. Next Meeting: October 2, 2023, 10:00am

9. Adjournment: 11:10