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Grafton Public Library Trustees Meeting Minutes

February 18, 2016, 6:30 pm


Attending:Bob Donald, Andrea Dunmire, Lucia Corwin, Deborah Toomey, librarian Michelle Dufort.

Public Comment: No public in attendance

Bob Donald brought the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m. The minutes from January 21, 2016 were approved.

Librarianís Report

In regards to the Libraryís safety policy, it is a repetition of the Vermont OSHA Standards for public buildings. While this information is certainly important and should remain part of the policy, it is felt that a more concrete policy needs to be spelled out for volunteers on what to do in case they feel unsafe, who to call with appropriate numbers, and so on. The current policy is not yet available in an electronic format and Michelle will forward it to Board members once it has been retyped. VOSHA standards will be rechecked to ensure our document complies with the Dept. of Laborís current policies. Michelle printed out policies listed for another library that were on the internet to possibly use as a guide when promulgating our Library policy.

Suzanne Welch/Bill Watson have donated a Keurig coffee maker to the library for use of staff, patrons and volunteers. Many thanks for such a thoughtful gift! Placement of the coffee maker was discussed and it was decided that a table currently on hand will be used to hold it, and it will be placed in front of the magazine/adult fiction room fireplace. The Library is not allowed to use the fireplace by the insurance, so it will be an ideal spot. The secretary will write a note of thanks to Suzanne and Bill.

Automation should be completed by May. As soon as the adult fiction is completed, Michelle plans to make the online catalog available on the Libraryís website. It will not take long to complete the catalog by adding the juvenile materials.

Treasurerís Report

Due to the downturn in the markets in recent months, the endowment is down since last month. Barbara Friedman, our TIAA-CREF endowment fund manager contacted Bob to schedule her annual visit and report to the Board. The Board will meet with her on May 19th at 6:00 p.m.

The annual appeal was a success, with slightly more money brought in than the Board had budgeted. The remainder of the budget looks good since the mild winter and lower fuel prices have made projected costs considerably lower.

Building and Grounds

The entrance door continues to stick on the flag flooring. Michelle will see if Charlie Carta would be willing to shave off some of the base of the door. If he does not feel comfortable doing this, David Whittall is willing to do it.

Since Lucia was unable to attend the previous Board meeting, Michelle contacted the painter who assured her that he would be ready to start come spring. No start date was provided since it is weather dependent.

Melvin Rice did a fine job taking down the pine and maple trees on the Library lawn. The stumps are barely visible the crew did a good job cleaning up debris. Payment has been made.


As per the Boardís request, John Turner did make several suggestions regarding the needed new circulation area. Michelle is thinking about his suggestions and when sheís decided what would work and has compiled a list of her wants and concerns, she will covey her decisions to John. He has indicated a willingness to draw up his ideas so that the Board can request bids for the work from local contractors. Costs and funding for the work and whether it would be more cost effective to purchase a ready-made circulation desk from a library furniture company or to have one specially made were discussed.


Other Business


The April 4th free concert highlighting the four seasons in music was discussed. Bob suggested that the concert be held at the Grafton Inn since it will be closing April 1 and they would possibly have space available. Michelle will contact Joanna Genova regarding the proposed change of venue.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:20 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,



Deborah Toomey