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Grafton Public Library Board of Trustees Virtual Meeting

Minutes of February 26, 2021



Present: Michelle Dufort, MaryBeth Culver, Jay Macejowski, Lucia Corwin, Susan Allen


Call to Order:  6:06 pm


Public Comment:  none


Approve minutes of last meeting:  approved


Treasurer’s Report:  Our annual appeal has reached $15,645 and we have not had to tap into our TIAA funds yet.  We currently have $12,000 in the bank.  There have been no transfers yet, however there will be soon to cover the cost of the carpeting. Despite Covid, the books continue to sell in the sales room.  We are budgeted $300 for the Sales Room.


Librarian’s Report:  Michelle has just placed a book order and is the process of weeding the collection.  The response to Bill Toomey’s Stories was tremendous.  Michelle taped it and it will be available soon for those who missed the presentation.  Michelle got a $40 mic for the event and used the Lucy Daniels fund for the purchase.  The Nature Museum book group continues with good attendance.  Interlibrary use is up, mostly among newer residents.


Old Business:  The ramp has had to be shoveled by Michelle in the last storm, so Ivan needs to be called every time it is needed.  Jay has been busy collecting names of arborists to get estimates for the Maple tree.  They include Henry Carr, Bob Abraham, Bartlett, and Renau.  Jay is also replacing the furnace filters soon.


New Business:  It is almost time to file the budget again.  There was a discussion about canceling our subscription to the Brattleboro Reformer, however no decision was reached at this time.


Adjournment:  6:38 pm