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Grafton Public Library Trustees Meeting Minutes            DRAFT

January 19, 2017 6:00PM


Attending:  Bob Donald, Lucia Corwin, Andrea Dunmire, and librarian Michelle Dufort

Bob Donald called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm.

Public comment:  No public in attendance

The minutes of the December 15th meeting were read and approved

Librarian’s Report

Suzanne Welch is reporting on Grafton organizations to the Windham Foundation Trustees, and spoke with Michelle for this purpose on January 13.

Chappy Matt’s monthly investment discussion group has been going well with good attendance.

The automation project is almost done!  Only local history books and older classics without ISBN numbers remain.

Treasurer’s Report

The updated financial reports were distributed and discussed.  The GPL is effectively on or below expense budget for the fiscal year.  The Annual Appeal has received 97% of the budgeted amounts to date. 

Endowment reports from TIAA-CREF were also distributed.  The combined endowment – main and Jerry Stevens Fund – totals slightly over $1 million.

A discussion ensued about future annual appeal letters.  Lucia reported on talks she has had with some residents who feel the library doesn’t need their support because the library ‘has so much money in its Endowment.’  Like any endowment the GPL one can only take a limited amount out of principal each year if it hopes to be sustained over time, much like an individual 401(k) balance.  The endowment already supplies about 2/3 of the GPL budget.  Tax support from the Town is de Minimis.  Michelle stated forcefully that she feels we all need a coherent story of why the library continues to need public support, one that all Trustees can emphasize in all of their local discussions with residents.


The need for a revised GPL Strategic Plan came up.  Lucia noted that some time ago she and Deborah attended an excellent training seminar on developing library strategic plans.  It was agreed to ask both to look over their notes from that session, and the subject would be an agenda item at the February meeting.  In discussion, it was felt that the Board should begin to address this in the spring, with a limited number of focused meetings with public input.


The next Board meeting will be on Thursday, February 16, 2017 at 6 pm.

The meeting adjoined at 6:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted.


Bob Donald