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Grafton Public Library Board

January 23, 2020


Present:  Patrick Spurlock, Michelle Dufort, Lucia Corwin, Deborah Toomey, Mary Beth Culver, Jay Maciejowski


Called to order 6:35


Public comments: None


Minutes of 11/21/19 approved


Treasurer’s Report: 

·        Donations to the annual appeal are down but there are a few regular donors who have not yet donated.  Michelle will mention in the Grafton News that we have not yet made our annual appeal goal in the hope that this will prompt additional donations.

·        Although we budgeted for an increase in insurance expenses, due to the change to MVP our insurance expenses have actually decreased.  This will buffer the impact of any decrease in annual appeal income.

·        Brief discussion regarding if November is still the best time to do the appeal.  For most, there is no tax incentive to make donations by the end of the year.  Due to the holidays, it may also be a more difficult time financially to make a donation.  Several other local organizations send theirs in the summer.  Perhaps February would be a better time?  The budget and cash flow implications would need to be addressed prior to any changes.

·        The next withdrawal/transfer will be in the next week or so.

·        The computer glitches have subsided and it is working adequately.  There are funds budgeted for replacement but it is not necessary at this time.


Librarian’s Report:

·        Snow removal from the last storm was an issue.  The ramp and fire escape were not adequately cleared.  Michelle contacted Amber Stevens who responded quickly and send Dominic to complete the work.  Michelle is confident it will not continue to be of concern but she will address any issues that may arise.

·        Christmas in Grafton was very successful and Michelle received a lot of positive feedback.  Approximately 55 people attended for Santa Clause, around 12 for Bill Toomey’s story telling, and around 100 for the gingerbread houses. Will Danforth has volunteered to be Santa next year.  The Ginger Bread House displays were very popular.  Although we made $300 in the silent auction, that format may not be the best as it works best if the bidders are present to try to out bid each other.  The goal of the event is to get participants to visit each of the venues.  A “buy now” option may be a viable way to increase the purchase price for the gingerbread houses.  Michelle will also need a volunteer on hand to stamp the passports.

·        Spanish groups and Lunch Box group are all going well.  After school program in Jan. went well and will resume in March.  There will be a book discussion in collaboration with The Nature Museum on 2/26 reviewing The Overstory.  It’s a long book so needs to be marketed ASAP so people can start reading it!  David Longsmith will be doing census presentations and recruiting for census takers.

·        Michelle has signed on as a community partner for the elementary school’s 21st Century Grant.  Planning for summer programming has not really started yet beyond basic goal of dovetailing with the community celebration of the ratification of the 19th amendment and incorporating the state Imagine your Story theme.  Adult programming will incorporate the Voices of Conviction and women’s suffrage.

·        The GIA approved a $1000 donation for purchase of a new projector.  Michelle has researched projectors and selected one she feels will serve the library needs well.  We will assess the need for purchase of external speakers as the projector is used.

·        Ginger Maciejowski has begun training to be a volunteer.  She will be a substitute as needed.


Old Business: 

·        The select board has approved our request for an increase in town funding.  Thanks again to Michelle for responding so quickly and squelching the assertion that the library is not a municipal library.


New Business:

·        Lucia Corwin will run again for her board position.  Deborah Toomey will not be running.  Jay Maciejowski will be running for her seat.


Next Meeting:  February 23, 2020, 6:30pm


Meeting adjourned: 7:32


Respectfully Submitted:

Mary Beth Culver