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Grafton Public Library Trustees Meeting Minutes

July 23, 2020


Board members present on Zoom:Mary Beth Culver, Jay Macejowski, Sue Allen, Lucia Corwin, librarian Michelle Dufort

Call to order at 6:04 pm


There were no public comments.


The minutes of July 3rd were approved.


Treasurerís report:

Sue Allen reported that all bills are paid for July.We continue to be under budget for our fiscal year.Despite the Covid crisis and a withdrawal of $14,000, our main trust account balance has increased from Mayís reported balance.


Librarianís Report:

The Nature and Books Summer Series with the Nature Museum continues with a scheduled meeting in August and possibly Sept. and Oct.


Phase two of our re-opening plan will start on Friday, July 24.The precautions in place include sneeze guard shields,. hand sanitizer, signage, book quarantine, spacing of furniture, VOSHA training of Pat Mack, and employee screening and contact tracing. A touchless thermometer will be purchased as soon as one is located.Our hours open to the public will be on Fri, Sat, and Monday, byappointment only. Curbside service will be available Mon-Saturday.Michelle will extend the book quarantining to 4 days and follow the state guidelines.The Phased Plan will be placed on our website and details of the plan will be in the Grafton News and posted at the Post Office.


Our plan was offered to the select board, but they declined the offer. However, the Historical Society may use our plan as a model for their re-opening, whenever that is scheduled.


New Business:

Drafting a new budget for the current fiscal year will be a priority for the remainder of July.


Chris Wallace asked permission to hold the new Democratic Caucus meeting on the Library lawn with social distancing and masks.The request was granted.


The VSO withdrew its request for the use of the lawn in August for a small, three-person performance. There were reports of the townís reaction, but the matter is closed.The request for usage of the lawn for the Tractor Show was also withdrawn.


There will be an extended library board meeting on Aug. 27.


Old Business:

Jay and Lucia will get estimates for carpeting for the Aug. 27th meeting.


The Librarianís evaluation will be completed in August.Following that, the board will select 2 people to meet with Michelle to discuss the results. Mary Beth will try to streamline the evaluation form. Michelle to discuss the results.

Meeting adjourned at 7:02 pm.Next meeting is scheduled on August 27.


Respectfully Submitted,

Lucia Corwin