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Grafton Public Library Trustees Meeting Minutes

July 30, 2015


Attending:Bob Donald, Lucia Corwin, Christopher Schemm, Deborah Toomey

Bob Donald brought the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m.

The minutes from the May meeting were read and approved.

Public Comment

Pat Jeziorski and Galen Pinkham were in attendance. The Grafton Historical Society is searching for documentation regarding Graftonís role in the Underground Railroad and would like to search through any historical documents that may be in the Library regarding the Grafton Anti-Slavery Society, established in 1837. The Board welcomes this search but asks that a Board member be present and that the search not be conducted until after the Labor Day book sale. Lucia Corwin volunteered to be represent the Board.

Christopher Schemm said that his mother, Mildred Walker Schemm did have extensive files on Grafton and on this particular aspect of Graftonís history that she compiled for her books. Blacks stayed in Grafton, not continuing north to Canada. Her files reside in Wyoming where there may be information that would be useful for the Historical Society.

Librarianís Report

The French language study group will end in November. The Spanish language study group will continue through the year and has three active participants.

The program on loss was attended by 11 people in July, usually a slow time for participation. This highlights the need for this program in Grafton and monthly meetings are scheduled.


A sizeable portion of the librarianís time has been spent the last few weeks dealing with technology issues. The e-mail program needed to be reinstalled. The free computer provided by the Vermont Dept. of Libraries will not work at the Library, although it will work just fine when at Michelleís home. No one has yet to explain why or to help resolve this. There were issues with the scanner the Library was sent by Library World for adding books to the automated system. Library World upon learning of the problem diagnosed it as a bad scanner and immediately sent a new scanner. The new scanner works fine, so they were correct in their assessment. Michelle suggests that the Board include an upgrade to a Premium account with Library World to ensure that any issues with our new automated library system will be resolved promptly.

Several possibilities for technology support were also suggested to help Michelle with computer issues. Since the Library has very specific software that most technical support folks are not familiar with, their assistance is not always helpful and may be more costly as they have to learn the software the library uses along with it functionality.

Special thanks go to Jimmy Nieset for providing access to his IT Department in Louisiana to see if they could help resolve some of the Libraryís technology issues. Because of the specialized software, they were not successful, but his offer was very much appreciated.

Building and Grounds

Ivor Stevens will fill the holes on the Library lawn after the Labor Day Book Sale. Lucia will call and ask that this be scheduled.

The individual the Lucia contacted regarding removing the damaged white pine and the maple tree did not come when he indicated he would. Bob will send Lucia the information regarding an additional contact, and Rice Tree Service was also suggested. Rob Hall recently had work done and will be asked for a recommendation. Lucia will arrange for appointments to obtain estimates to present to the Board.

Regarding the painting of the Libraryís exterior, Lucia will contact Francis Alford to see who she used for her house. Mike Eno and Catamount Painting were also suggested as possibilities. Lucia was willing to investigate and will get back to the Board on this as well.

Michelle reported that the fire door upstairs is sticking and is almost impossible to close once opened. A group using the Library for meetings opens the door because of how warm it is in summer. There is a sign on the door asking that it not be opened except in an emergency. The Board may want to consider including funding to next yearís budget for installing a new door or repairing the current one.

Treasurerís Report

The library closed out the year within budget. Funds have been withdrawn from the Jerald L. Stevens Memorial Fund to pay for the librarianís health care and the salary of the assistant librarian. Bob will contact the town manager for an estimate of the cost of the Vermont Health Plan next year, starting in January 2016.

An Executive Board Session will be called for the week of August 17th, prior to the regular Board meeting to discuss salaries, health care, and any other budgetary issues that warrant an executive session.

Library Book Sale

Tasks for the upcoming book sale were discussed and assigned to various members. Boxes are a critical need at present. The Grafton News will have an article once again on volunteers for set up. Last yearís response was wonderful and itís hoped that the community will respond as generously again.


The next meeting of the Board will be held on Thursday, August 20th.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,



Deborah Toomey