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Grafton Public Library Board of Trustees Virtual Meeting

Minutes of June 24, 2021

Present: Michelle Dufort, MaryBeth Culver, Lucia Corwin, Sue Allen, Jay Maciejowski

Call to Order:  6:00 pm

Public Comment:  none

Approve minutes of last meeting:  approved minutes from last two meetings

Treasurerís Report:  The budget is on track and the remaining allotted endowment funds for the fiscal year have been transferred into the libraryís account. 

As part of budget work for the coming year, Michelle plans to tap into the Paulsen/Russell and Lucy Daniels funds to increase programs and possibly pay for guest speakers at events.

 Also in budget planning, health insurance will not be known until later in the fiscal year.  In addition, the librarianís salary will not be known until the board meets in executive session sometime this month.  Michelle has presented some salary options for the board to consider.

It was suggested to get another air purifier.

Our electric bill is around $30 due to our offset.

Since our oil bill is high, Jay suggested that we look at investing into a heat pump.  Sue will check for grants and see what Efficiency Vermont offers.

Librarianís Report:

The first session of our in-person book group (now renamed The Page Turners) had seven enthusiastic participants.

Michelle will be working with the Grafton Elementary School Summer Program.

The Welcome Neighbors program will be organized at a later date.

Orders for books have been slow to arrive.  Michelle may have to carry over some of the budget for books to the next fiscal year, as she wonít be able to clear the invoices until the books arrive.

We have seven active volunteers and Michelle is working to retrain and support those who need a refreshing of the automation system.

Volunteers who are fully vaccinated will be able to work the front desk.There will be a Zoom meeting to update everyone on the automated system, followed by a one-on-one meeting with each volunteer until they are comfortable.

Old Business: 

Buildings and Grounds has a few projects that need to be attended to such as the door handle and lights in the adult fiction room.

All vaccinated volunteers can go unmasked.  The board voted to suspend the mask mandate for patrons but will encourage unvaccinated visitors to wear masks.

New Business:

The lighting in the adult fiction room needs to be replaced.  It was decided that we should always solicit three bids for any work done.  The porch railing seems somewhat unstable and Jay will look into replacing the boards under it or replacing the railing system.

Adjournment:  7:22pm.

Next meeting will be on July 22nd. at 6:00 pm if there are not too many conflicts with schedules.