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Grafton Public Library Board of Trustees Meeting

Monday, June 5, 2023

Hybrid Format



Call to order:  10:07 am


Public Comment:  none


Treasurer’s Report:  All transfers are complete.  There is $22,969 left from the Capital Campaign that will be applied to the FY24 budget for repairs.  That amount does not includes a debit for the $14,456 in FY23 as a required deposit for the insulation project.  That project is now pending, as we wait to do more research. The Capital Campaign fund for FY24 also includes the remainder of the Bankowski gift that still remains with the Windham Foundation until we indicate we are ready for it to be transferred to us.


Librarian’s Report:  All library financial reports and reconciliations are up to date.  All FY23 is done to date and we will meet with the state auditor in August.  Our FY24 draft budget preparation is complete. 


We received the DOL Summer Performer grant of $300 which will be used for a concert in September at GES.


Robin Russell and Jim Paulsen have given us $1,000 for children’s programming.  


We are scheduled for a reappraisal on June 8th for the building insurance through the town of Grafton.


Old Business:  In the light of the Vermont Digger article detailing possible problems with foam insulation in older buildings, we are slowing down on the project until we get more information.  John texted Vermont Digger to see if they had suggestions for other contacts in the field who could provide more information, especially in regard to older buildings and best practices for insulating. Michelle will call John Birch for more information and to invite him to attend the next board meeting.


All other repairs remain on hold until we do more research.


New Business:   Socially responsible investments will be discussed in the future when we meet with our new representative.


The board met in a brief Executive Session to vote on salary increases for Michelle and Angel.  An increase of 8% was approved for both for the next fiscal year—start date July 1, 2023.


 Next meeting:  June 26, 2023 at 10:00 am


Adjournment:  11:06 am