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Grafton Public Library Trustees Meeting Minutes

March 17, 2016, 6:30 pm


Attending:  Bob Donald, Andrea Dunmire, Lucia Corwin, Deborah Toomey, David Whittall, and librarian Michelle Dufort.

Public Comment: No public in attendance

Bob Donald brought the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m. The minutes from February 18, 2016 were approved.

The first order of business was to discuss and choose officers for the year. Bob was unanimously re-elected chair and treasurer. Deborah agreed to continue as secretary

Librarian’s Report

Michelle reported that the automation of the adult collection has been completed almost through the D’s with over 2,427 books entered so far into Library World On-line. As she enters books she is comprehensively weeding the collection removing books that are no longer needed. Michelle will attend the Vermont Department of Libraries Mid-State Library World day in April to gain information regarding the system in use for the on-line catalog.

The program, Support for People Experiencing Loss sponsored with the Brattleboro Hospice continues to be well attended with 8 participants on March 16th. The February Book Club had 17 people attend to report on animal stories they had read. The topic for March will be “In Foreign Lands.” For the after school program, twelve children are registered. It is proving to be very popular with parents who can pick up children at the end of the 3 hour session and head to the Grafton Cares monthly dinner.

Michelle will contact Computers by Ken to see whether upgrading to Windows 10 should be done. She also will pay him for technical support regarding printing issues from the Yahoo site. The board discussed replacing the laptop she uses and using the old wiped clean laptop for the catalog. No decision was made.

Trivia night on March 14th at the Grafton Inn Phelps Barn netted the library $174. The Library trivia group did very well, making the final playoff. The Board thanks all who participated.

Joanna Genova has provided posters for the Four Seasons family concert to be held Saturday, April 9th. Michelle has contacted the Grafton Elementary School, The Grafton News, and will distribute publicity to local news outlets.

Treasurer’s Report

The TIAA and Stevens Funds have rebounded from the market downturn. The Stevens family has sold the property on Stagecoach Road and has not yet contacted the Library regarding a tangible memorial for Jerry.

The Library’s budget looks good, with less money spent on snow removal and heating this winter. Transferring any excess funds should be discussed at the April Board meeting once the majority of winter expenditures will be completed.

Building and Grounds

Many thanks to Charlie Carta who repaired the entrance door so that it no longer scrapes on the flagstones. The door now swings freely allowing easy entry.

Once again, the Board commented on the fine job that Melvin Rice performed on tree removal. The Library lawn looks as if the trees were never there.

Michelle has not had the opportunity to meet with John Turner again regarding his suggestions to improve the efficiency and usefulness of the circulation area. The old architectural plans may provide other suggestions.


The painting of the Library’s exterior is weather dependent and will begin once we have reliable warm weather.


Other Business


The Confidentiality and Safety policies need updating. Michelle will send out electronic copies so the Board can update and vote on them next month.


Michelle reported that we have a good number of volunteers. Most prefer to volunteer during morning hours and fewer want afternoon, evening, or Saturday assignments. Angel Restino’s willingness to cover some of these less popular hours is very much appreciated.


The flower urns need to have the dead material removed in preparation for spring. In addition, they need to be painted before new flowers are planted. Lucia indicated that she would be happy to remove the flower debris.


The meeting adjourned at 7:10 p.m. The next meeting of the Board will be April 21, 2016 at 6:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,



Deborah Toomey