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Grafton Public Library

Emergency Meeting – Video conference

3/18/20, 4:00


Present:  Mary Beth Culver, Jay Maciejowski, David Whittall, Lucia Corwin, Michelle Dufort


The meeting was called to discuss canceling “by appointment access to the library for computer use during the closure”.  Michelle had an incident involving a patron who needed a significant amount of direct personal assistance from Michelle in order to use the public computer.  This prevented maintaining appropriate social distancing.


The Board approved canceling the by appointment access to the computer and gave the director authority to cancel other program offerings as indicated by changing research and recommendations from the state.


 The Board authorized Michelle to grant access to the building for maintenance and building upkeep needs.


The Board redefined the period of closure to mirror that of the Grafton Elementary School.  When the elementary school reopens to students, the Board will evaluate reopening the library.


Lucia Corwin will contact Patrick Spurlock to let him know that there is another community member who is interested in serving on the board and is willing to serve as the treasurer.  If Patrick chooses to resign, this person’s name would be put forth to the Select Board for appointment.  Michelle will contact TIAA to add the board members whose w-9’s are already of file as signers on the account to better assure that there is always access to the funds as needed.


Respectfully submitted,

Mary Beth Culver