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Grafton Public Library Trustees Meeting Minutes

March 22, 2018


Attending:   Bob Donald, Lucia Corwin, Deborah Toomey, David Whittall, and librarian, Michelle Dufort

Bob Donald called the meeting to order at 7:06 pm.

Public comment:  Gus Plummer attended the meeting to explain his LED light replacement bids to the Library Board. The order of the Agenda was changed to accommodate his schedule.

The minutes of the February 22, 2018 were read and approved.

Building and Grounds Part 1

Three separate bids were submitted by Gus and he explained each bid. The first was to only replace the light bulbs and ballast, recycle them, and replace them with LED lights hooking them up to 120-volt feed at an estimated cost of $1,410. With the second bid, the lights and ballasts would be replaced and recycled, but instead of hooking them up directly, he’d include the LED ballast replacement, cost $1,571.12. The third and final bid was to replace the entire fixture with totally new LED lights, light fixtures, connect them and recycle the old bulbs and ballast at a cost of $2,595.36. Gus answered the Board’s questions regarding the profile of the new lights, the condition of the old light fixtures, and a member brought up the difficulty with only replacing the bulbs at another Grafton locale. Gus indicated that in the third bid, he would assume the recycle fee.

Two other electricians were approached, shown the work and the bid specifications, and did not respond. At the end of the discussion, the Board decided that the wisest course would be to replace all the light units. In addition, the Board requested installation of a brighter light in the circulation/work area of the Library at an additional cost of $25. On grey winter days, the lighting there is inadequate. The selected bid passed unanimously.

Michelle mentioned that the Bodman family had provided a donation to the Library to be used for the facility and that this would be a good use of that money. When they come into the Library, she could show them the new lights and express our gratitude for their donation.

Librarian’s Report

Noting a few not unexpected errors, Michelle reported on the volunteer training for the new automated library system. All but one volunteer has been personally trained by Michelle. She is now rewriting the training manual for volunteers using the same language that the volunteers would encounter in Library World Catalog. She plans on including a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that will cover unusual circumstances such as the computer disconnecting from the internet and loss of electrical power.

When Michelle indicated that she wished someone not familiar with the Library World Catalog system could test her manual to make sure it’s clear, David Whittall volunteered. He will do so on Tuesday morning March 27th.

Michelle then reported on her carpal tunnel syndrome. The Board is concerned and hopes her healing from expected surgery goes well.

Treasurer’s Report

With the Library through 72% of the year, we are right on budget.

Barbara Friedman of TIAA has been in touch with Bob Donald to let him know that she will be unavailable for her usual May reporting visit to the Library Board. She will contact him closer to the fall to schedule her visit for that time.

The Board discussed the placement of “Bookkeeper’s Salary (includes payroll)” in the Financial Report. It was suggested that the statement “includes payroll” could be dropped and the Bookkeeper information moved to page 1 with the other salaries. Both dropping the parenthetical statement and moving the position were approved by the Board.

Building and Grounds

The Circulation Desk Committee reported on progress to date. One company, Hale, provides a nice circulation desk model call Mohawk that met with the needs of the Librarian. While this is good solid construction, veneer covered plywood rather than pressboard, several libraries in Vermont recommended the workmanship of the Vermont Correctional Industries Wood Shop (VCI) in Newport as high quality and low cost. The materials would be solid wood. Deborah will contact Steve Maxfield, the head of the furniture component to obtain wood samples and discuss possibilities, cost, and a white laminate top for the circulation desk.

The green tape has been placed on the floor indicating where various modules will go, how they will fit, and how to maximize the space ensuring that there is adequate space for wheelchair access both in front of and behind the circulation desk. As the Board was reviewing this construction, the old card catalog area was observed and discussed. It is no longer in use as a catalog; all the books are in Library World Catalog. While it has its charm and is used for display, a half bookcase would be more attractive and utilitarian in this area if funds are sufficient.

Lucia will provide the dimensions that she worked out from the Hale price sheet and Deborah will find out what VCI needs for construction. Bob will contact Andrea and John to see if they can provide the schematics that VCI would need to proceed.

Bob Donald will be sent the link to VCI so he can see the type of furniture they have constructed.

The next meeting of the Board will be Thursday, April 26 at 7 p.m.

The meeting adjoined at 8:05 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Deborah Toomey, Secretary