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Grafton Public Library

Virtual Meeting



Present:  Jay Macejowski, David Whittall, Lucia Corwin, Michelle, Dufort, Mary Beth Culver, Sue Allen, new board member.  Sue was approved by the Select Board yesterday.


Called to order 6:05


Public Comment: NONE


Minutes:  Approved minutes of February 27 as well as Emergency Meeting of March 18.


Treasurer’s Report:  Patrick Spurlock has resigned.  Michelle presented treasurer’s report. 

·        We’re on track with the budget.

·        Mary Beth coordinated a transfer of funds from the main trust to the checking account.

·        Michelle needs a  W-9 from Jay and Sue to give to TIAA.  Michelle will leave them out, please return them to her when completed.

·        Most of our annual appeal and other anticipated donations for the year have come in.

·        Michelle will bring our new treasurer up to speed as quickly as possible.

·        Michelle reports feeling confident in Barbara’s ability to guide us through the current market situation as she effectively helped guide the library through the last downturn.


Librarian’s Report:

·        Sarah Yarosevich will continue working on the library gardens and will be paid for labor and supplies from funds budgeted. Last fall Sarah donated her labor and we thank her for her generosity to the library.

·        Michelle will reschedule furnace cleaning when safer.

·        In house-library programming is not being offered while the library is closed.  Michelle is looking into on-line programs.

·        She is offering curbside pick-up services.  She is authorized to discontinue this service if she or new safety recommendations suggest it is no longer safe or becomes unmanageable.  She will post the precautions she’s taking. 

·        Michelle is maintaining community relations and will add The Athenian for regular communication.

·        New books have come in.  Current situation is making it more difficult to get books.  Michelle will may shift to an increase in on-line books/subscriptions.

Old Business: 

·        Reiterated that the Board has given Michelle discretion to adjust programming offerings as deemed necessary during COVID-19 response and while schools are closed.



·        Mary Beth Culver – Chair

·        Sue Allen – Treasurer

·        Lucia Corwin – Secretary

·        Jay will assist with building related issues such as developing a comprehensive check list of needs and services and assist in exploring options for mitigating the issue of snow on the ramp to include roofing.


Other:  The town is looking for community activity ideas to pull people together.


Meeting adjourned 6:42


Next Meeting:  Virtual, April 23, 2020 6:00