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Grafton Public Library Board of Trustees Meeting

Minutes of May 27, 2021



Present: Michelle Dufort, MaryBeth Culver, Lucia Corwin, Sue Allen

 Call to Order:  6:05 pm

Public Comment:  none

 Approve minutes of last meeting:  tabled until June due to lack of quorum (for voting on April minutes)

 Treasurer’s Report:  Michelle and Sue spent an hour with our TIAA representative.  Our funds took a dip then rebounded substantially from March of 2020.  Our portfolio is invested broadly, although we currently only have 5% invested in socially responsible funds which we may want to increase.  We currently use a 4.5% annual rolling average from the fund, but it is fine if we need to use more from the main fund for a one-time big project.

 All finance reports are updated, including TIAA accounts.  FY ’22 budget preparations has begun, with a goal of submitting a draft budget to Sue in June for review.

The benefits from our gift from the solar installment has kicked in and cut our bill in half.

 Librarian’s Report:

 The Nature and Books Discussion series will be on hiatus until fall. 

 The Zoom storytelling session with Bill Toomey on May 21st, “Stories of a Soldier”, had over 30 attendees and was very successful.

 Michelle is planning to host a Welcome Neighbor program on Zoom on Wednesday, June 23rd at 7pm.

 Michelle will be working with the Grafton Elementary School in conjunction with their family summer reading program.

 Volunteers who are fully vaccinated will be able to work the front desk with a mask. There will be a Zoom meeting to update everyone on the automated system, followed by one-on-one meeting training with each volunteer until they are comfortable.

 Old Business: 

 Buildings and Grounds – The new crabapple tree has been planted and a thank you to the Macks will be sent.

 Work to stabilize the maple tree is completed and All About Trees has been paid.


BFUHS senior Brendan Buehler completed his graduation requirement by power washing the outside of the building, moving supplies upstairs, weather treating the handicap ramp and fire escape, painting our book drop box, porch railings and doing some book processing jobs.  The board voted to give him a $25 gift certificate in a thank you card which Sue will pick up.

 New Business

 The board voted to increase the library’s hours to include Wednesday afternoon and Tuesday evening, allow volunteers and staff back in the building to work the circulation desk, and to continue to ask all public and staff (including volunteers) to wear masks in the building when the library is open to the general public. The mask policy will be evaluated by the board each month.

We will once again host the Lunch Box Book Group and Chappy’s Investment Group and other non-library groups inside the library, during curbside service hours, when we are not open to the general public.  Masks will be required for the unvaccinated to attend any program or meeting inside the building, but vaccinated people may be unmasked to facilitate participation. Masks are required by all when the library is open to the general public for browsing.

 We will strongly suggest that volunteers get vaccinated.

 We need to discuss the future replacement of all the windows in the library and how to pay for such an investment.

 Adjournment:  7:17pm.


Next meeting will be on June 24th at 6:00 pm