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Grafton Public Library

Minutes of virtual trustee meeting – May 28, 2020

Present:  Jay Macejowski, David Whittall, Lucia Corwin, Mary Beth Culver, Sue Allen, librarian Michelle Dufort, Susan and Tom Senatori

Call to order 6:06 pm

Public Comment – Susan and Tom Senatori joined us to express their interest in, and continued support of the library.  They especially thanked Michelle for her updates and services. 

The minutes of April 23rd were approved.

Treasurer’s Report – we are in sound shape despite the national economic difficulties.  We are not in as bad a position as we were in 2008.  The remainder of our FY20 income from the TIAA investment accounts will be deposited to checking in the first week of June.  We will be assigned to a new portfolio manager for TIAA due to Barbara Friedman’s retirement. 

Librarian’s Report – Although Vanessa will be leaving her position at the Nature Museum, she is interested in continuing the book group.  The library will continue the policy of having the participants purchase their own copies of the selected book.  The weekly Spanish Language Program has gained several new participants.  Thanks to Dick Warren, the Trivia Game continues.  We will look into other Grafton groups to see if they would be interested in participating with questions.  Patsy Ellis or Bill Watson will be approached for summer programming plans.  The library has accepted a $200 grant for a summer performance.  However, because of the Covid Virus, we may have to decline.  We could approach Troy Wonderlee to see if he might be interested in an on-line program.  We need to find out if he charges a fee.  Chris Wallace asked that the graduating class to allowed to put up pictures with information about each graduate on the library lawn.  The trustees agreed wholeheartedly. 

Old business  

Building and Grounds – Ray Lisai painted the porch and the plant urns.  He will look at painting the back stairs.  Jay will look at a loose board on the deck.  In order to see if we can afford a new rug, Jay will find out who did the work in the past for an estimate. 

Michelle shared the past evaluation forms for job performance.  The trustees will look at the form to see if it can be streamlined.  Each member will make notes and we will return to it next month.  The evaluation will be completed by the end of the summer.  Every member of the board will fill out the form then meet in an executive session in August.  Two trustees will meet with Michelle for her evaluation.



·      New business –

Our curbside service continues.  When the policy ends, it will do so by a vote from the board. The board discussed a phased reopening policy following the VT ACCD requirements.  All aspects for a reopening were discussed such as number of people in at one time, time limits to make a choice, Michelle being the sole handler of the books, sanitation requirements, sneeze shield, sanitizers, masks, and gloves.  Michelle will draft a version of reopening plans Phase II.


·      Meeting was adjourned at 7:30 pm.

      Next meeting: June 25, 2020 6pm, Virtual Meeting On Zoom


Respectfully Submitted,

Lucia Corwin, Secretary