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Grafton Public Library Trustees Meeting Minutes

November 20, 2014


Attending:  Lucia Corwin, Dylan Bate, Deborah Toomey and Michelle Dufort

Deborah Toomey brought the meeting to order at 6:32 p.m.

There was no public comment.

The minutes from the October 23 meeting were not approved, as two of the three board members in attendance were not at the meeting on the 23rd. Vote is postponed until members attending that meeting are available. It was noted that the minutes for the Oct. 16th meeting were previously approved at the Oct. 23rd meeting.

Librarian’s Report

1.       Michelle reports that three new volunteers have been trained: Lynne Buehler, Charlie Carta and Barbara Nolan. Both Charlie and Barbara have done several training sessions at the circulation desk and will soon be ready to be put on the schedule.

2.       Data entry for automation continues with good progress being made in the children’s collection, which is the final section. All juvenile fiction areas are about 50% complete, with juvenile non-fiction remaining. After all the data is updated with the state, data transfer will start along with bar-coding and scanning of the collection.


Financial Report

The rough draft of the November financial report was reviewed. Michelle noted that line items have been added to reflect income transfers from the Jerald L. Stevens Memorial fund as well as expense line items in payroll/benefits.  The draft of the November financial statement was approved.

Building and Grounds

Peter Veitch has begun work on the doors and surrounding area leading to the handicapped ramp. He should finish on Friday, November 21. Michelle reported that Peter will not be removing the old doors and the board discussed options. Deborah indicated that her husband, David, could take the door that is in better shape to recycling and Lucia volunteered to contact Francis Alford to see if the damaged door could be added to the debris in her dumpster. Michelle noticed that a bidding policy did not seem to be located in the policy manual and recommended that this be the next step in terms of policy manual reviews and additions. She obtained the latest version of Grafton’s town bidding policy and promised to circulate for review. It is attached.  Michelle asked the status of plowing for the season with the Windham Foundation and indicated that she would follow through with Karl Lauren.

We need salt for the front stairs and porch.




Other Business

Deborah Toomey and Michelle Dufort attended the November 17 select board meeting. Deborah presented the library board’s request for increased tax support, from $2 per capita to $4 per capita. The select board accepted the letter. Deborah and Michelle remained until Other Business at the end of the meeting to ask the select board about their decision and also gave further information to the board about average per capita rates for municipal libraries in Vermont. The following day, Rachel Williams reported to Michelle that the select board would act on the request at the December 1 meeting. Deborah indicated that she would attend that meeting as well and Michelle stated that she would ask about being put at the front of the agenda.

The annual appeal letter has been sent to Village Printers and an order placed for supplies for the annual appeal.  The board set a deadline of December 12 for trustees to have their allocation of letters signed, stuffed and envelopes addressed and dropped off at the library to be mailed. The supplies and letters should arrive the first week of December to be distributed.

It was decided that the names and addresses of non-residents who made recent donations to the Jerald L. Stevens Memorial Fund not be included in this year’s annual appeal mailing list. They will be added next year.

A motion was passed for the Grafton Public Library to adopt the Town of Grafton’s code of ethics/code of conduct recently signed by trustees for the town. Michelle will get a copy for our records.

The board voted to cancel the December meeting of the library trustees. The next regularly scheduled board meeting will be Thursday, January 15th at 6:30pm.

Michelle asked for approval to close the library on consecutive Wednesdays from 2-5 pm on December 24 and December 31. Permission was given for the closures.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Michelle Dufort