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Grafton Public Library Board

November 21, 2019


Present:  Patrick Spurlock, Michelle Dufort, Lucia Corwin, Deborah Toomey, David Whittall, Mary Beth Culver


Called to order 6:37


Public comments: None


Minutes of 10/24 approved


Treasurer’s Report: 

·        Patrick reports that $5000 was transferred to the library checking account from the main TIAA fund.

·        We recently replaced the copier.  We may look to replace the staff computer/lap top as it is getting dated and not always operating smoothly.  We may also want to consider replacing the projector.  The projector is not compatible with many newer computers.  We may also want to purchasing wireless speakers to complete the package.  The Grafton Improvement Association may be willing to purchase it for the library since it will then be available for community use.  Michelle will make an inquiry.  If the GIA doesn’t make the purchase it is recommended that we explore surplus and used projectors that may be available at a lower cost than a new projector.


Librarian’s Report:

·        The Foundation took care of the fall grounds clean-up.  Their support is greatly appreciated.

·        David Ross weather stripped the front door.

·        We have 7 Gingerbread Houses registered for the Gingerbread House Extravaganza.  We will likely have a few more.  The promotional information was published in all of the local/regional papers.

·        Michelle met with the Grafton Historical Society to begin plans for a community wide celebration of passage of the 19th Amendment for August 2020.





Old Business: 

·        The Building and Grounds Policy was approved.

·        Annual appeal letter has been printed.  Each board member is asked to prepare and mail out the letter as soon as possible.


New Business:

·        Michelle and Deborah attended a select board meeting and asked the select board for an additional $500 in tax support.  Michelle had a subsequent conversation with Bill Kearns.  Bill stated that he felt the Grafton Public Library’s municipal status is unclear.  Michelle was able to provide documentation verifying our status as a municipal library including a letter from Bill Dakin dated 1992, indicating our status as a municipal library as well as a letter written by former library chair Bob Donald dated  December 2013 and a response from former administrative assistant Jackie LaBlanc, writing on behalf of the selectboard, dated January 2014 that confirmed the status as a municipal library, as well as the Grafton Select Board Minutes of November 2013 that also affirm the status as a municipal library.  She asked that the town make copies of the documentation and file them as appropriate.  Michelle also spoke with Fred Duplessis, the state auditor, who also validated the municipal status.  Bill indicated that he was going to place a call to the town’s attorney for clarification about the municipal status.  Michelle has not heard back from Bill.  Michelle and Deborah plan to attend the next select board meeting to monitor the status of our tax request.  They will also review the information provided by Barbara Friedman, our TIAA trust manager, to develop a letter to the select board explaining the endowment and how it is managed to maintain an endowment in perpetuity. They will share what they develop with Patrick, for his review.   Michelle will send Barbara a copy of our fiscal policy.  We will also plan to invite the select board to the next meeting we have with Barbara.


Next Meeting:  January 23, 2020


Meeting adjourned: 7:36


Respectfully Submitted:

Mary Beth Culver