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Grafton Public Library Trustees Meeting Minutes

October 19, 2017 6:00PM

Attending:  Bob Donald, Lucia Corwin, David Whittall, Deborah Toomey, and librarian Michelle Dufort

Bob Donald called the meeting to order at 6:04 pm.

Public comment:  No public in attendance.

The minutes of August 17, 2017 were read and approved. The minutes of September 21 were not approved due to the lack of a quorum of the Board members attending that meeting.

Public Comment Old Business

The Board discussed Galen Pinkham’s kind offer of purchasing light suppressing shades for video library programs. It was unclear as to which room he was interested in or if Galen was considering multiple rooms in his offer. Lucia will contact him for clarification.

Librarian’s Report

Librarian Michelle informed the Board about the issues in using the Department of Libraries (DOL) new system, CLOVER, for interlibrary loan. It is a more complicated system than VALS, the old system, but the old system is gone. Michelle has received several requests and has asked to borrow books through the new CLOVER system. There is no documentation accompanying the system so Michelle has spent a great deal of time trying to organize e-mails into specific topics. This is a time-consuming process.

A good deal of time was spent discussing VERSO, the new DOL replacement for Library World. VERSO was selected because Library World was not Z39.50 compliant. [Z39.50 is an international standard client–server, application layer communications protocol for searching and retrieving information from a database over a TCP/IP computer network.] At the time the DOL offered the funds to the Library to migrate from Library World to VERSO, Library World was not Z39.50 compliant. The two Vermont libraries that started the initial migration in July have still not completed the process. These are libraries with highly technical staff. Like the CLOVER ILL system, there is no documentation accompanying the system. Michelle discovered that one library indicated that to perform original cataloging on books, it has taken those libraries over 3 hours per item. Michelle has catalogued GPL books that needed original cataloging, but was able to do so with minor glitches on Library World in far less time. In the time since GPL received monies and paid for VERSO, Library World has become Z39.50 compliant. In discussion with the DOL regarding the amount of time and the issues associated with it, staff there recommended to Michelle that the Library migrate, but continue to use Library World as our new automation system.

Since migrating to VERSO will take a gargantuan effort, the Board, upon advice from Michelle, will delay determining whether GPL migrates or continues to use Library World until after the November 11 training offered by DOL. The Board ask Michelle to talk with nearby libraries (Chester, Townshend, Newfane), evaluate the training, and make a recommendation on which system to proceed with. The Board will decide at the next Board meeting. Deborah recommends writing to the DOL once the decision has been made if we choose to stay with Library World.

A donation of many new books received required at least 2 days of Michelle’s time sorting and shelving them in the book sale room. Additional books have been donated and Deborah will come Friday October 20th to perform this needed task.

Treasurer’s Report

Bob distributed the 2017/18 financial report. 28% of funds have been spent with 28% of the FY passed. The Library is right on time and on budget.

The TIAA/CREF report on the Library’s portfolio was shared. The Stock Market has done well the last quarter, and it is reflected in moderate growth of the portfolio. With rising costs and the Board commitment to ensuring the future of both the Daniels and Stevens endowments, the Library should be able to continue to take its annual allocation without eating into the funds.

Building and Grounds

The front door needs to be weatherized. Michelle will ask Charlie Carta if he’s willing to perform this task on a day he volunteers.

The hot water heater is rusted out at the bottom and it’s only a matter of time before it starts to leak. Most of the estimates for replacement are in excess of $1,000. The estimate from HB, the folks who care for the furnace seems best at $800 so they will be asked to perform the work.

The Library received a letter from Bob and Jean Baldwin regarding a bush that their landscaper would like removed. The bush is on the Library property and the Baldwin’s request is twofold: permission to remove the bush, and financial assistance in doing so. Deborah will craft a response indicating that the Board has no problem with them removing the bush, but have no funds available to assist in removal costs.

The router for the public computer upstairs is on the floor at the very back of the desk and gets kicked from time to time creating issues with the router’s functionality. Michelle would like the router moved to a small shelf on the wall. David offered to supply the shelf and its installation. He’ll stop by to move the router at the same time Deborah comes to sort and shelve donated books.

The meeting adjourned at 7:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Deborah Toomey,