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Grafton Public Library Trustees Special Meeting Minutes

October 23, 2014


Attending:Bob Donald, Christopher Schemm, Michelle Dufort, Deborah Toomey

Bob Donald brought the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m.

The minutes from the October 16th meeting were approved as amended.

Health Care

Michelle had provided the board with a chart of the various health care options and costs for 2014. It is anticipated that next yearís costs will increase by 7% and Rachael Williams had indicated in casual conversation with Michelle and Deborah that the library board was not required to offer the exact same plan as the town offered employees. The town provides the Platinum plan with employees paying 5% of the cost. Deborah created a chart that she shared with attendees regarding the Platinum and Gold plans broken down by various percentages (attached) paid by both the board and the librarian. Discussion ensued on which plan would best meet the librarianís needs while still retaining sufficient funds to hire a library assistant. It was decided by unanimous vote to provide the Gold plan with the librarian paying 15% of the cost of the plan. Bob will convey the boardís decision to Rachael.

Library Assistant

With remaining funds subject to the spending rule from the Jerald L. Stevens Fund monies, the board voted and agreed to hire a library assistant. Michelle told the board that Angel Squiers-Restino was currently performing at a very high level, needing only limited supervision. When left to run the library on her own, she works diligently, finding tasks that need to be done when there are lulls in patron service and has been instrumental in preparing the collections for automation. The board agreed to hire Angel as library assistant and expressed appreciation for her work.

Town Funding

The board voted unanimously to request $4 per person funding from the Town of Grafton for support of the library at next town meeting. The letter should be signed by every board member. The high points of the request:

Deborah will draft the letter.


Michelle had sent out a revised budget using color highlighting to clarify the source of some of the funding. The board took the opportunity to accept and pass the budget.

Building and Grounds

Bob reported that he had received an e-mail from Kevin Haseltine indicating that he would be unable to repair the French doors leading into the library from the top of the handicapped ramp. It is very unfortunate, since the doors require urgent attention. Peter Veitch was suggested as a possible replacement and Bob will contact him.

The Hayes plaque has been moved to the reading room. Thank you, Bob!

Other Business

Bob indicated that he would not be able to attend the next scheduled board meeting on November 20th and encouraged the board to meet without him.


Respectfully submitted,

Deborah Toomey, Secretary