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Grafton Public Library Board

September 26, 2019


Present: Patrick Spurlock, Mary Beth Culver, David Whittall, Deborah Toomey, Michelle Dufort,

Guest: Barbara Friedman


Called meeting to order 6:30


Public Comments:  We received several thank you notes. Historical Society for use of the grounds for the tractor show. Patrick Cooperman for use of chairs for their memorial service. Elaine Kraiger for the summer program at the elementary school. Tom & Susan Senatori for the brunch.


Barbara Friedman from TIAA presented information regarding the library’s investments.  She reviewed the assets and their allocation and then reviewed how they performed over the year.  Although down some in August, overall the market performed above expectations.  The market is projected to be somewhat volatile for the next 15 months.  The 4 ˝ % withdrawal rate is still appropriate when based on a 3 year rolling average.


August minutes approved.


Budget was reviewed.  Following little new discussion the budget was approved.


Librarian’s Report submitted:

·         Special thank you should go out to Karl Lauren & Chris Wallace.  As soon as Chris heard the library handle needed to be replaced he went and bought what was needed.  Karl recognized that there was an additional issue in replacing it and made a couple of trips to the foundation shop and improvised tools to fix the handle.

·         Michelle has Rachel Laliberte & Pat Mack lined up to spearhead Gingerbread House displays.  Any houses left/donated to the library will be auctioned off.  We may have a children’s activity using gingerbread “kits” that kids could assemble.

·         The new copier is fine but uses ink quickly.  Michelle does charge guests for copying/printing.  If use of color ink becomes more of an issue she will consider increasing the copy fee.  (It uses Epsom 252.)

·         Michelle has been in communication with the Nature Museum director about a possible book discussion co-sponsor.  The Over Story may be the first discussion and perhaps may lead to additional events with a tree theme.  She is exploring doing one with the Historical Society but will wait until after the one with the Nature Museum & the gingerbread house projects are done.

·         Michelle passed out copies of the draft changes to the Building & Grounds Use Policy.  It will be reviewed in October.

·         Deborah revised the fundraising donation letter.  She asks for revisions ASAP so they can be made & the letter distributed soon.  The board usually divides up the list to sign and send the letters.  It’s helpful to jot a note on letters going to people you may know.

·         Deborah mentioned that another library has been selling their antique books.   Michelle shared that selling antique books is a more complicated process than it might first appear.  Often such things are handled by a Friends of the Library type group.  However, she mentioned that the library has a collection of antique dolls in storage which probably could be sold.


Meeting adjourned: 7:45.